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Removing Unnecessary Link

A huge part of website development and SEO are links. Inbound links from other relevant websites help to improve your search engine authority and help generate traffic to your site. Outbound links to other websites provide visitors with additional information. Internal links from one page of your site to another are necessary in order to be a user friendly site that allows visitors to easily navigate to the page that best suits their needs. Obviously, links are important but there are links that many websites include within their footer that just aren’t necessary: the links to the business pages of the website developer, website designer, SEO firm, or marketing agency that worked on the site.

In many cases these links are just added in there without permission of the website owner. The web designer, developer, SEO, marketing specialist, etc. knows that the website owner probably won’t even think twice about it being there or may even think that it’s necessary for it to be there depending on their level of knowledge about website development. To the professional that added in the link, they know that it’s an easy way to get an inbound link from a trusted source and help boost their inbound link portfolio. It’s like the auto dealers that slap a promotional sticker or add a promotional license plate holder onto each car that they sell. They assume that the car buyers won’t notice or won’t care and it’s a free form of advertising. is a SEO Company. we offers Remove This Unnecessary Link from Your Site, Remove unused site files, Removing Unnecessary Tags from yor site, Remove Unnecessary Code From Your site.

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